Why Final Exams Are a Bad Idea

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It is common now for students to face the final weeks of school with anticipation since final exams are coming up soon and they do not want to get left behind. Instead of enjoying their time to learn something new, they need to re-open their old books and notes to learn the materials since the beginning of the semester. Although it is a common phenomenon, scientists and education experts say that final exams can be a bad idea.

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The above explanation implies that the current situation needs re-assessment. The stress and tension that students deal with regularly can have bad impacts on their mental state. Some of them even get sick after months of continuous learning process. Of course, parents and teachers do not want it to happen. Unfortunately, the system is too strong to challenge since it has been going on for decades. Only a few schools try to implement the new method and succeed. Thus, this article tries to give you the reasons why final exams are not a good idea.

Regular Tests

Throughout the school year, students are exposed to countless numbers of tests. Depending on the school regulations, it can either be weekly, biweekly or monthly tests. With all these tests, it should be enough to assess students’ comprehension and ability.

More importantly, these tests have taken up much of the students time, and adding more stressful weeks by conducting final exams is just a waste of time, money, and energy. Some teachers testify that materials for the final exams are pretty much the same with the previously-conducted tests, making it rather useless.

Risks of Failure

Some pioneers in the field of education even go further by stating that they do not trust the conventional assessment system and tend to reject the notion of tests or examination in any forms. The reason is that they know that those who do well in exams are luckier than others. They can be smart and have better comprehension. But, their luck plays a significant role in determining the results. Just imagine if they get sick during the exam and cannot concentrate well. When they get bad scores, they will start to believe that they are not smart or good enough. They will also ignore their other performances and ability and focus only on the bad scores.