These are the different methods that can be incorporated into teaching to make the learning process more conducive. Experts and experienced teachers have compiled them. Outlined here below are the main constructive Mathematics teaching ideas used by many teachers.

Using sets of objects

This is one of the best ideas for enhancing teaching. It involves using sets of different objects and then counting them to know their total figure. For instance, you can do this by counting all the single blocks making a stack of cubes.

This is an activity that requires the child to his or her attention to avoid mixing up the blocks. The process might seem to be very long, but it will help your child in mastering the concept easily and quickly.

Use of simple drawings

This is another useful method. it is mainly used an alternative to the one described above. In this method, addition problems are written out first in a booklet. This is followed by jotting down the number of vertical strokes (tallies) next to your first number. As a teacher, your students should be capable of predicting the number of tallies that would be drawn on the next number.number drawings

If they the answer given is correct, you should tell them to draw those tallies and then finish with the other numbers. Finally, they should be capable of knowing the total number of tallies used. It is an effective method that is known for reducing the mechanical errors making it more suitable for those students who have a poor focus.

Counting on

It is a unique technique that is based on the capacity of the students to say the names of numbers. Once they have learned the counting process by mastering several numbers, you should ask them some supplementary questions such as, “what is number 3 more than..?” this will help them in connecting the ideas or concepts of addition and counting. it is such powerful tool. This has made it very effective especially for the slow learners. It plays a key role in building the student’s confidence when answering problems.

Board games

Apart from being an effective mathematical learning experience, this method is considered to be a pleasant pastime. You are advised to avoid those games that require students to move around. Instead, you should go for those boards that have numbers on them. This will enable them to count the numbers easily. Students should be capable of relating addition and use of board games.board games

Memorizing number facts

The use of number facts will help you in answering additional problems. Recalling addition facts is helpful in tacking problems in mathematics. The student’s knowledge can be improved by singing songs that involve numbers or by using flash cards that have simple addition facts.